Main Questions

Send in a completed pre-qualification form as well as any company literature. You will find our pre-qualification form in the forms section. If you have questions when filling it out you can contact Jimmy Campbell info@campbell-development.com. Check back frequently to see about upcoming projects for bid.

Our estimating department will know what is bidding and future projects to bid. Contact Jimmy Campbell info@campbell-development.com We also recommend periodically checking into our plan-room for miscellaneous projects that wouldn’t be published.

There are multiple places a contractor can go to obtain plans and specifications for our bidding projects.

  1. Our in-house plan room.
  2. Request a CD
  3. View them on I sq. ft.

Jimmy Campbell info@campbell-development.com with any interest or further questions.

Please review your plans thoroughly first! Nevertheless, plans are up for interpretation and there are a lot of times they have contradicting or lack of information. At that point, please fax us or send an email to Jimmy Campbell info@campbell-development.com with your questions and follow up with estimating to verify we’ve received it.

Your questions will be reviewed with you and either answered then or we’ll forward them to the architect for further clarification. Check back with us in a few days to see if we’ve gotten any feedback.

Check in during the bid process to check for any addendums or clarifications. These will need to be listed on your proposal as included in your pricing.

Proposals are to be faxed or emailed on bid day. We recommend following up to be sure we received your pricing. Be available on bid day for any questions and last minute changes to bid scope. It is recommended to line item your proposal to clarify your inclusions. This will make it easier for estimating to qualify your pricing.

Bid results usually take a couple of weeks for us to get from the owner of the project. Estimating does not release bid results for projects we are awarded. Bid results are given by the project manager assigned to the project. Results for projects of which we are not awarded are given by an available associate of estimating.

In the forms section, there is a link to our insurance requirements….. If there are any further questions regarding insurance please contact Bobbie Grimes at info@campbell-development.com.

In the forms section, there is a link to our sample contract. Each project contract is job specific depending on the owner requirements. If you have questions when filling out your contract contact Bobbie Grimes at info@campbell-development.com.

In the forms section, there is a link to an AIA billing form. It is required that each month we receive your billing by the 25th unless stated in your contract documents. If you have questions about billing contact Bobbie Grimes at info@campbell-development.com.

Payment on contractor billing is made per the Arizona Prompt Payment Law. Within 7 days of being paid by the owner, we pay our subcontractors. All necessary paperwork must be submitted in order to receive payment, i.e., waivers from your suppliers, insurance certificates, contract, etc. If there are questions regarding when the owner will make payment contact Bobbie Grimes at info@campbell-development.com.

In the forms section is sample waivers that you’ll get used to seeing. If there are questions regarding which waivers are needed contact Bobbie Grimes at info@campbell-development.com.

Our Expertise

Family Owned

"We have an outstanding team of people at Campbell Development who strive to build relationships on honesty and integrity.”
-Jimmy Campbell/Vice President

Customer Oriented

Our focus is on client specific services. By using communication and dedication to obtain a clear understanding of our client’s needs and expectations.

35+ years of Expereince

Campbell Development was established in October 1995 by Jim Campbell, who successfully cultivated a growing & reputable business along with sons Jimmy & Scott, whom in 2008 took over operational leads as Co-Owners.